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Stop Searching With Hone for iOS - A Kickstarter Success! #BackToSchool

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If you’re like us – you’re always misplacing things, especially your keys. With Hone, you’ll never lose anything again. You can attach Hone to your keys, wallet, remote control – anything. Then, the small Bluetooth dongle automatically pairs to your iPhone or iPad with Hone’s free iOS app.

If you can’t find the object, simply tap the “Find” button and Hone starts to vibrate, alerting you to the location of your cherished object.


Hone has opened up its development platform to hackers everywhere – so there’s constantly new and exciting uses being developed for the product… and we think that’s extremely cool.

We understand its hard to hold on to some of those smaller everyday items. With Hone you can breathe easy because you’re just a click away from finding your lost possessions.


“Hone means no more searching for keys” – Wired

“Thanks to its super low power needs, Hone remains functional on 1 battery for up to six months” – Cult of Mac

“As a find-anything-device, Hone is not only tapping into the accessibility market, it could track many small objects of value to anyone around the house…” – Fast Company Co.Design


Hone works with the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 4S (NOT iPhone 4)
  • iPhone 5/5S
  • iPad 3/4/Air
  • iPad Mini/Retina
  • All future iOS devices


  • One (1) Hone device (Black)
  • Pre-installed CR2032 battery
  • Black keyring
  • All sales are final – No refunds
  • Available to continental US and Canadian customers only
  • Limit 1 per person
  • Includes FREE Ground Shipping (continental US and Canada)
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