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Musicians, producers, artists, creatives of all kinds: forget Dropbox, there’s a better way to transfer files and collaborate on projects. Introducing Gobbler: the only cloud software built to meet the needs and workflow of musicians.

At the minimum, it automatically detects and backs up changes to your projects as they happen, so you never lose data and can even restore earlier versions of your work. But it does so much more by quickly transferring and organizing projects of any file size so you can collaborate with anyone, anywhere and never lose hold of a file…or your creative flow.


Founded by a dedicated team of leaders in the music production, technology, and digital media fields, Gobbler is headquartered in the heart of the recording industry – Hollywood, California. Through their experiences seeing friends and colleagues lose valuable musical creations due to failing hard drives and misplaced files, they set out to create an all-in-one solution.

The way we see it, that’s exactly what they’ve done. Gobbler solves data management needs intelligently so that you can stop looking for lost files and manually backing up work, and can focus on what you’re passionate about.


  • Always backed up – Whether on a local or external hard drive, your files are always backed up, even if you move the drive between different computers.
  • Safe & secure – All transmission and storage of data occurs over a 256-bit AES encryption channel, the same used by banks and the military.
  • Designed for media – Huge project files are kept in sync with referenced media files, something normal cloud backup solutions can’t do.
  • Lossless compression & deduplication – Share files at industry-standard quality and ‘faster-than-you-thought-possible’ transfer speeds by not having to re-upload or download files that already exist on your server or hard drive.
  • No file size limitations – Send any project, regardless of file size. It makes FTP and file-sharing services obsolete.
  • Project organization and cataloguing – Automatically discovers media projects and builds a catalog so you can always find your work, no matter where it’s stored.


“All in all this is a really useful and tidy product that may become indispensable to the 6 million music makers, 12 million pro and prosumer photographers and 3 million videographers out there in the world. We’ll almost certainly be using Gobbler as soon as the video product comes out, and I may use it personally for photo management.” – TechCrunch

“In a professional context we think it’s an extraordinarily useful tool, with the potential for development into a wider media management platform.” – Macworld UK


  • OS X 10.5 (Intel), Windows XP SP3+, or iOS 5+
  • Promo is valid for new and Free gobbler users only.
  • 30 day refund policy.
  • This is subscription-based software that is completely downloadable instantly upon purchase and valid for one (1) year at the promotional storage amount.
  • Users must follow the redemption instructions located in their account to activate software and redeem subscription.


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