Stay Charged With The SoL Hybrid Power Pack

Charge Your iPhone in The Sun to Stay Powered Up For Days

$100 32% off

Keep Your iPhone 4/4S Charged For Days!

We’ve all been there when our iPhone dies and let’s be honest, it sucks!

Worry no more because thanks to the SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack you can now get a sleek and stylish iPhone case that will keep that precious device of yours powered up at all times!

For ONLY $68 [includes shipping within the continental United States] you can make those sunny days even brighter with the SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack so hop on this steal before your iPhone is dead in the water.

Trust us, your piece of mind will thank you later.

Feel The Power

The SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack is a new iPhone charging device that will keep your iPhone powered up for days! The case has an internal extra-large battery that TRIPLES your iPhone life and its integrated solar panel also allows you to charge with sunlight or indoor light.


SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack for iPhone: iPhone 4, 4S

Your Plug Into The Sun

The Technology Behind The Power Pack

The device also charges very fast (three times faster than a wall charger) by utilizing its revolutionary Rapid Charging Technology. Additionally, the case has a built-in flashlight and comes with three free screen protectors.

The Benefits

Internal Battery
The internal battery in the SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack extends the battery life of your iPhone by 300% while the case stays cool and never overheats.

Rapid Charging Technology
With our Rapid Charging Technology the SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack charges your iPhone or iPod Touch three times faster than a wall charger.

Charge Anywhere
The SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack charges anywhere the sun shines and by indoor lighting. Charge while you’re working, playing, running or simply relaxing.

Priority Charging
The SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack charges your iPhone first and the case second. During use, the case’s energy is depleted first, and the iPhone energy is used last.

Integrated LED Light
The SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack includes a super bright LED light for use as a flashlight that turns night into day at the touch of a button.

Ergonomic Design
The SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack is durable, lightweight, stylish and has an ergonomic design with slip free handling.

Charge and Sync
With the built in Apple 30pin connector you can charge and sync your iPhone or iPod Touch to iTunes without removing it from the SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack by using the included USB cable.

Full Access
The SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack allows full access to the touch screen and all the iPhone features.

3 Free Screen Protectors
The SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack includes 3 free screen protectors for your iPhone or iPod Touch: Privacy, Mirror and Fingerprints.

Not only can you use it as a fast-charging power pack on the go, but also you can choose to keep it on full time as a protective charging case. No other charging accessory in the world will keep you as connected as a SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack!

The Patent Pending SoL® Hybrid™ Power Pack is a product that includes an Internal 2,400 mAh Battery, Rapid Charging Technology, Priority Charging, a built-in super bright LED flashlight and comes with a mini 5 pin USB charging cable as well as 3 free screen protectors (Mirror, Privacy and Fingerprints).

Important Reminders

  • No refunds
  • This sale is available to USA customers ONLY.
  • Sale price includes shipping to continental USA customers ONLY.

  • No refunds
  • Sale is available to USA customers ONLY
  • Solar charger is compatible for the iPhone 4 and 4S
  • What you get: One (1) iPhone 4/4S Power Pack case and three (3) screen protectors
  • Customers within the state of Missouri are subject to sales tax for this promotion
  • Promotion includes the price of shipping and tax to all continental based customers
  • One per customer
  • The retail price of $100 includes the cost of US ground shipping


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