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You may love your laptop because of its flat, slim profile, but the very shape that makes it a joy to travel with also creates a less than desirable typing experience. The Aviiq Portable Quick Stand aims to *bring comfort back to your day to day typing* without the bulk of other laptop stands. It elevates your laptop to an ergonomic-friendly *12-degree angle*, which doesn't seem like much, but *your eyes and wrists will thank you* - trust us. When you don't need it, the stand *folds down in seconds* to a ridiculously thin *9 millimeters* so you can store it in your laptop bag and *take it anywhere*.


Thin, light, and strong - this is *everything you need* in a laptop stand, and *nothing you dont*. It's made of *German-patented Hylite* material - which in case you didn't know, has a *freakishly awesome strength-to-weight ratio* - and durable Polypropylene end caps for a no-slip grip. Aside from the ergonomic benefits, elevating your laptop *improves airflow* so your computer runs cooler and more efficiently. As hundreds of reviewers would agree - *once you start using it, you won't be able to live without it*. TOP FEATURES
  • Folds flat (9 mm) in seconds
  • Weighs only 3.4 ounces
  • Made of durable Hylite material
  • Improves airflow, screen visibility, and typing comfort


"I’m not exactly sure why this thing works so damn well. The idea is pretty simple...prop your laptop up...and suddenly the screen is closer to eye level, and the keyboard is tilted. And man, does it make a huge difference...the massive improvement in my ability to type comfortably was completely unexpected." - (4/5) Cult Of Mac "At first glance, $40 seems a little on the steep side for this relatively basic piece of hardware. But it works well, it's solidly made, and it's cheaper than Aviiq's Portable Laptop Stand. If you took this one away from me now that I'm hooked on it, I would probably pay $40 to get it back." - (4/5) MacLife


  • For use with 13"-17" laptops


  • 1 AViiQ Portable Quick Stand - Black
  • 1 Instruction Guide
  • Ergonomics


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